It’s Senny’s bridal shower and her friends made it a special day! She didn’t even see it coming! Yours truly was privileged to document the evening and also meet her amazing friends.

Here are some of the pictures

Trust me, “If you have crazy friends, you have everything”

 4N9A3313 copy

4N9A3316 copy

4N9A3318 copy

4N9A3322 copy

4N9A3323 copy

4N9A3325 copy


4N9A3329 copy

4N9A3335 copy

4N9A3336 copy

4N9A3338 copy

4N9A3340 copy

4N9A3342 copy

4N9A3344 copy

4N9A3350 copy

4N9A3354 copy

4N9A3355 copy

4N9A3357 copy

4N9A3359 copy

4N9A3375 copy

4N9A3380 copy

4N9A3382 copy

4N9A3384 copy

4N9A3388 copy

4N9A3392 copy

4N9A3391 copy

4N9A3404 copy

4N9A3407 copy

4N9A3411 copy

4N9A3417 copy

4N9A3415 copy

4N9A3422 copy

4N9A3423 copy

4N9A3425 copy

4N9A3435 copy

4N9A3437 copy

4N9A3440 copy

4N9A3442 copy

4N9A3451 copy

4N9A3453 copy

4N9A3454 copy

4N9A3462 copy

4N9A3472 copy

4N9A3474 copy

4N9A3475 copy

4N9A3476 copy

4N9A3477 copy

4N9A3478 copy

4N9A3483 copy

4N9A3484 copy

4N9A3490 copy

4N9A3496 copy

4N9A3503 copy

4N9A3505 copy

4N9A3508 copy

4N9A3511 copy

4N9A3512 copy

4N9A3516 copy

4N9A3522 copy

4N9A3527 copy

4N9A3528 copy

4N9A3533 copy

4N9A3536 copy

4N9A3538 copy

4N9A3542 copy

4N9A3543 copy

4N9A3546 copy

4N9A3553 copy

4N9A3563 copy

4N9A3564 copy

4N9A3565 copy

4N9A3566 copy

4N9A3568 copy

4N9A3569 copy

4N9A3598 copy

4N9A3602 copy

4N9A3608 copy

4N9A3611 copy1

4N9A3620 copy

4N9A3619 copy

4N9A3622 copy

4N9A3623 copy

4N9A3624 copy

4N9A3625 copy

4N9A3626 copy

4N9A3637 copy

4N9A3629 copy

4N9A3638 copy

4N9A3639 copy

4N9A3647 copy

4N9A3650 copy

4N9A3662 copy

4N9A3663 copy

4N9A3672 copy

4N9A3674 copy

4N9A3677 copy

4N9A3683 copy

4N9A3684 copy

4N9A3688 copy

4N9A3690 copy

4N9A3693 copy

4N9A3694 copy

4N9A3702 copy

4N9A3704 copy

4N9A3705 copy

4N9A3710 copy

4N9A3712 copy

4N9A3715 copy

4N9A3717 copy

4N9A3725 copy

4N9A3738 copy

4N9A3742 copy

4N9A3744 copy

4N9A3747 copy

4N9A3750 copy

4N9A3755 copy

4N9A3756 copy

4N9A3759 copy

4N9A3763 copy

4N9A3766 copy

4N9A3769 copy

4N9A3770 copy

4N9A3771 copy

4N9A3772 copy

4N9A3774 copy

4N9A3777 copy

4N9A3778 copy

4N9A3779 copy

4N9A3781 copy

4N9A3783 copy

4N9A3784 copy

4N9A3790 copy

4N9A3794 copy

4N9A3796 copy

4N9A3801 copy

4N9A3806 copy

4N9A3809 copy

4N9A3811 copy

4N9A3821 copy

4N9A3825 copy

4N9A3830 copy

4N9A3831 copy

4N9A3840 copy

4N9A3852 copy

4N9A3854 copy

4N9A3855 copy

4N9A3856 copy

4N9A3861 copy

4N9A3862 copy

4N9A3867 copy

4N9A3876 copy

4N9A3881 copy

4N9A3882 copy

4N9A3886 copy

4N9A3897 copy

4N9A3898 copy

4N9A3904 copy

4N9A3908 copy

4N9A3912 copy

4N9A3915 copy

4N9A3928 copy

4N9A3580 copy

4N9A3586 copy

4N9A3573 copy

4N9A3572 copy

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